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LIANYUNGANG YUNZHIBAO FOODSTUFF CO., LTD will exhibit at the Caton fair in Guangzhou
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LIANYUNGANG YUNZHIBAO FOODSTUFF CO., LTD will exhibit at the Caton fair in Guangzhou, welcome to visit our booth and talk candy business then!
Exhibition Name: The 119TH Caton Fair
Exhibition Site: Guangzhou, China
Exhibition Time: from May 1st  to May 5th, 2016

Booth No.: 13.2A04, 13.2A05 


China Import and Export Fair (English: China Import and Export The Fair), namely the Guangzhou fair, referred to as the Canton Fair, English name is fair Canton. Founded in the spring of 1957, during the spring and autumn every year held in Guangzhou, from 2014 has 57 year old is currently the longest history, the level with highest, the largest scale, types of goods most entire, the meeting favorable largest, clinch a deal the effect best comprehensive international trade event. Since the 101st session of April 2007, the Canton Fair has changed its name to the China Import and Export Fair, which has changed from a single export platform into a two-way trading platform for import and export. October 15, 2012, the 112nd session of the fair opened, although the global market is still in a state of continuous cooling effect, but the traditional advantages of China's foreign trade development has not been fundamentally weakened.

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